Corps – Noun

Pronounced CORE
A group of persons associated together or acting under common direction

From humble beginnings in 1985, our small family business has grown to be the leading supplier of earthworks, roadworks, civil construction and sand supply in the Pilbara.

But as we have grown, we have stayed true to our family ethos – it’s ingrained in everything we do and drives the decisions we make.

Today, our 200 team members remain locally based, which makes us agile, approachable and community-minded. It is also what drives us to put the local economy and environment at the forefront; to find sustainable solutions that aren’t just idealistic, but feasible.

Our unequalled capacity and complete civil solutions assist small and large scale projects across the North West, including projects for Rio Tinto, FMG, Yara, BHP, and Woodside, as well as various government bodies.

Above all, it’s our team spirit, grit and think-outside-the-box edge that set us apart. Because at Corps, we are committed to building the world better.

Pilbara Heritage

After three generations living in the Pilbara, the Corps family have a deep connection to the culture, community and environment of the North West.

Our People

Our local team are the heart of Corps, because we believe that the best results are achieved by working together.

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