We have been breaking new ground in civil construction since 1985.

From three generations living and working in the Pilbara, we are proud of our achievements – big and small. But we are still writing our story, and the best is yet to come.

Modest Beginnings


After recently moving to Karratha, Darryl and Kerrye Corps founded Karratha Earthmoving. They had three children in tow – Kristian, Vaughan and Beau (while eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dayne). They started out with an incredibly small fleet, including the Blue Mack and a Caterpillar 930 Loader.

During this period, Darryl and Kerrye worked hard – day in and day out – all so their children wouldn’t have to do the same. In the early years, the Corps family lived week to week, struggling like most in the 1980’s to make ends meet.

Late 1980’s

After the testing early years, the Corps family finally caught a break. The family business secured the sand leases in town. Their first job was moving sand out of Little Sherlock river, which would then be used to insulate the LNG tanks at the Woodside Gas Plant in Karratha.

Growing Older

1993 – 1996

As Karratha Earthmoving grew, so did the Corps children. The four boys were now in their teens, learning to drive the iconic blue Mercedes (that’s still in the business today – only a little more tired). The boys each gained their truck license and would spend their days working as Dad’s offsider, while Kerrye handled all of the ‘behind the scenes’ business operations and maintained impeccable business accounts.

1997 – 2000

In their late teen years, they went on to follow their own paths – working, travelling and attending university.

The Shift


Despite business growth, the back of house operations were still being conducted at the family home.


Vaughan returned from overseas and said to his dad, “I’m working for you, but I’m not driving a truck. I’m going to run the business.” A defining moment in the Corps business and a catalyst for things to come.


Shortly after, Darryl and Kerrye went on a holiday, and Vaughan began implementing changes. He moved the home office to an office in Karratha, bought a sand lease and secured new contracts. He started taking the reins of the business, and as a result, things continued to grow. This was also the time where they banned wearing short shorts – Darryl Corps’ favourite type of shorts (that he still gets teased for today).

New Office


As the business continued to expand, the Corps family built a new office space that was big enough for everyone (at the time, everyone consisted of their immediate family – as well as their first ‘non-biological’ employee, Sheree who handled the front office). Finally, Kristian and his family moved back to Karratha from overseas – which meant the entire family was back together.


Corps introduced Karratha Environmental Crushing, a new and innovative arm of their business.


Corps acquired Manning Pavement services and employed Peter Greenland (aka Greenie) – laying the foundations for their Karratha Asphalt business. They bought land and built a new shed and office in Karratha light industrial area.


The Corps family bought Bitumen Sealing Services in Broome to expand their operations into the Kimberley region.


Corps expanded into Port Hedland and established what was then known as Hedland Asphalt.

Breaking New Ground


This was a big year for Corps, as it marked 35 years of living and operating in the Pilbara. The business moved operations to Gap Ridge.


The team made the decision to consolidate Karratha Earthmoving, Karratha Asphalt and Karratha Environmental Crushing to one entity – Corps.


The new Corps brand was launched, the Karratha based hub expanded, the Broome based hub expanded and the team expanded exponentially.


The family business has grown to 200 employees and over 200 plant and equipment. We continue to be at the forefront of technology, innovation and sustainability.

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