We believe in building relationships, partnerships and trust within our community.

At Corps, we don’t just build roads and infrastructure.

We build the roads that offer safe journeys for families and schools for the next generation. We create the strong foundations upon which Fire Stations and Police Stations are built to protect the community and supply sand to major projects so they can prepare for the future.

For us, civil construction goes hand in hand with caring for the community and environment. This is why we are a locally based team, being immersed in the community means we reinvest money back into the Pilbara, strive for sustainable alternatives and have a deep connection to the land in which we work.

From the netball club, to soccer, to the legends at SAFE Karratha, to the BMX bandits and mountain biking clubs, to the mighty mighty Falcons – we aren’t just onlookers in the nose-bleed section. We are the ones coaching, supporting, cheering and volunteering. Donations are always needed by clubs and organisations, but building a community is so much more than just a financial donation. It is the donation of time and personal investment that makes these clubs the lifeblood of a community. We are incredibly proud to say that we ‘show up’ at every opportunity we can.

What ‘local’ means

To us, being local is more than a financial donation to a local sporting or community club

Building relationships

We collaborate with the City of Karratha, government bodies and other Local and State Government bodies across the North West to find new solutions, implement new waste management systems and contribute to a circular economy.

Locally based team

We are local and have been for over 35 years. We employ over 200 staff members who are based in our four Corps hubs. This means that we funnel money back into the hands of local people in local communities – helping small businesses and contributing to the growth of the region.

Sustainable alternatives

We recognise that caring for the community means looking toward future generations. Our environmental crushing infrastructure recycles glass, concrete, road and construction waste, taking pressure off our raw, finite resources.

Carbon offset

In collaboration with the University of Western Australia’s Marine Division, we are working toward an initiative that will propagate and regenerate seaweed ponds to sequester carbon, a part of our bigger goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 30%.

Indigenous engagement

We support and contribute to projects that promote indigenous content, including the Pelican Rail Renewals. We work closely with First Nations businesses and individuals across Western Australia, linking to our collaborations and partnerships with the Traditional Owners in the geographical areas of each unique project.

We acknowledge and understand the connection of First Nations Peoples to the local environment and work to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders involved in our projects.

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