When there is an inherent need for change, we have no choice but to uncover new ways of doing things.

At Corps, innovation is what moves us forward. We strive toward new and better ways of doing things and question the “business as usual” approach. We stand back to see the bigger picture and put the community at the forefront.

Today, our technology and innovation are centred around the need for sustainable solutions. Because an ethos of consumption, disposal and dependence on raw materials won’t stand the test of time.

We create solutions that aren’t just idealistic, but feasible. Solutions that benefit the economy, environment and community alike.


Here are some of the solutions we have been working on…


In 2013, Corps purchased Environmental Crushing Infrastructure where glass can be sorted and crushed, producing an incredibly useful and viable byproduct: cullet.

Cullet is used as a sand substitute for asphalt, construction, pipe embedment, building and landscaping.

Corps endeavours to take responsibility for all glass north of Exmouth and use it to build infrastructure that will benefit future generations. The BetterSand initiative has:

  • Reduced carbon footprint of transporting glass long distances
  • Reduced the demand on virgin materials
  • Saved almost 2 million bottles from landfill
  • Created a financially viable business stream, including employment opportunities
  • Contributed to a circular economy


The Corps Environmental Crushing Infrastructure is also used to recycle and repurpose construction materials and waste products, including asphalt and concrete. This can be used as a stable, sustainable and financially viable building material across Australia’s North West.

The EnviRoad initiative has:

  • Reduced dependence on landfill
  • Reduced the need for virgin materials
  • Reduced carbon footprint through transportation of materials and waste
  • Contributed to a circular economy
  • Saved almost 270,000 tonnes of road and concrete waste from landfill

Carbon Offsets

We believe in environmental responsibility and taking an active approach to minimising environmental impact and mitigating carbon emissions. Corps have partnered with the University of WA’s Marine Division, and are actively working toward the propagation and regeneration of mangroves and seaweed to offset our carbon footprint.

NATA certified onsite laboratory (and mobile lab)

Located in Karratha providing inhouse capability to test asphalt, bitumen and aggregates to MRWA and Austroads specification, ensuring quick turnaround times for test results.  Fully accredited to also supply testing for third party clients, with a complementary full mobile laboratory setup for remote location requirements.

This ultimately ensures our recycled products and materials are suitable for construction and roadworks – minimising the turnaround time and carbon footprint as the materials do not need to travel to Perth.

Integrated technology

The collaboration of multiple up to date technologies allows us to provide cutting edge performance on a large scale.  From profiling the shoulders of a highway with Trimble survey guidance, to forming drains and integrated site works with a Trimble guided 6-way bladed Dozer or 4-way bucket excavator, to offset paver laying of both base course and asphalt materials or to providing a real time overlay of site construction analytics – we are the one stop capable shop for all your civil, road and rail construction requirements.

90% paperless docket system

A digital docket system reduces our dependence on paper based resources and improves the flow of information between customers, employees and contractors.

Trimble 3D machinery

As one of Western Australia’s largest users of Trimble survey & data acquisition technology, we have the capability to increase accuracy and efficiencies across multiple work fronts to deliver a first-class job first time, every time.  With our own surveyors and Trimble enabled fleet we can design and modify site work requirements, with real time data monitoring and acquisition to keep things on track, on time.


The use of telematics data acquisition in all our fleet provides us with the ability to monitor performance and keep track of all our equipment.  The ability to monitor fuel usage and equipment movement helps us reduce our operating costs and carbon footprint, while simultaneously increasing our safety footprint.

Simulation Technology

Corps have entered into a partnership with the Western Australian State Government to create a REDS VR (Regional Earthmoving Digitial Simulators – Virtual Reality) project.

The REDS VR project directly addresses the current workforce shortage in the Pilbara, offering an efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable solution, almost immediately increasing the number of locally based skilled human resources.

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