Because when you are family, you look out for each other.

At Corps, family ethos is ingrained in our business model. Over the years our family has evolved – as all families do – but one thing has remained the same: and that’s our commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and environment.

The Corps (core) family name is the cornerstone for all operations. People are our core, and the reason we strive for safe and innovative business practices. Not just for our workers, but for our contractors, clients and the wider community. Our excellent safety record is a testament to our people, systems and improvements.

Our commitment to health, safety and wellbeing is reflected in our actions – big and small:

  • We don’t have a Human Resources department, we have “People and Culture”
  • We don’t have payroll numbers, we have names, faces and family
  • We are agile and fast moving, without the “rush to get the job done” approach, ensuring that each individual is able to stop work, think and ask for clarification
  • We lead by example and encourage an open and honest environment at every step of the way
  • We are committed to learning from the past, and always finding opportunities for improvement
  • We are compliant and accountable to ISO certification systems
  • We are ISO 45001:2018 certified
  • Above our safety protocols, we have a genuine “how are you doing, mate?” approach


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