The proof is in our past projects

At Corps – there is no project too big or too small. We have quite literally built the foundation of many homes, businesses, large scale projects and roadways across the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

When our clients talk about us, they use phrases like ‘send in the cavalry’. We take pride in this, knowing that the language used to describe our business is synonymous with fast, disciplined and decisive action.

And considering that we are continuing to grow, diversify and innovate after almost 40 years of operation, with the same family at the helm, we believe that the proof is in our past projects.

Coolawanyah Road Reconstruction Stage 1
City of Karratha
Karratha Light Industrial Area
Mooligunn Road
City of Karratha
Karratha Light Industrial Area

Mooligunn Road became the first RAV10 accredited road (suitable for triple road train) that utilised our recycled concrete road base as a base course. A defining moment for Corps, as the EnviRoad initiative gained recognition as a sturdy, sustainable and financially viable solution.

Bayly Avenue
City of Karratha

Bayly Avenue is the only public access roadway to Karratha airport, which in recent times required significant improvements. Corps was the driving force behind this project, delivering over 30,000 tonnes of recycled materials, including asphalt and concrete road base.

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