When it comes to our environmental responsibility, we believe in less talking, more action.

The building of roads and infrastructure is an important part of shaping our future. But at Corps, we recognise that the need for human progression is often at the expense of the natural environment.

While there is no straightforward solution to the environmental issues we face today – we are doing our bit to rewrite our future – in a way that sustains our community.

Our ISO 14001 certification recognises our moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our actions protect and enhance the environment.

But enough talk. We are taking action. Our environmental crushing division and carbon offset projects are some of the ways we are working to reduce our carbon footprint by 30%.

A few ways we are building the world better

Environmental Crushing Infrastructure

Used to recycled glass, asphalt and construction waste, that is then repurposed into new infrastructure and roads which are both sturdy and financially viable.

Carbon Offset

We are working toward an initiative that will see the propagation and regeneration of seaweed ponds to sequester carbon, a part of our bigger goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 30%.

Purpose-built testing laboratory

We undertake geotechnical testing of our recycled materials, to ensure that specifications for companies are met so they can be readily used without the need for transportation or logistics.

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