There are few places in the world home to such cultural, environmental and economic significance as the Pilbara.

Stretching across 502,000km2from the Indian Ocean to the Northern Territory, the Pilbara is home to deep canyons, enchanting coral reefs, rich biodiversity and deep red earth. The region echos the history and culture of Traditional Owners, home to diverse rock engravings and culturally significant land.

Today, it’s also known as the engine room or powerhouse of Australia, with oil, salt, gas and iron ore making a major contribution to our nation’s economy. That being said, we recognise that these actions don’t come without an impact.

At Corps, we believe that each of us hold a responsibility to protect our connection to the land and protect the rare Pilbara landscape – for its social, cultural and environmental value. At Corps, this is not a responsibility we take lightly.

Local Knowledge

We have a deep understanding of the community, resource sector and environment in the Pilbara.

We use this extensive knowledge to determine the best course of action – enabling us to deliver projects that are efficient, sustainable and financially viable.


We are proud to have three Corps generations that have lived and worked in the Pilbara – growing up hiking in the bush and swimming in the Dampier shark cage. This connection to place is at the heart of our business model. We have grown alongside the region, and that is what we will continue to do.

“Over time, we have watched the Pilbara develop an ethos of consumption, disposal and dependence on virgin materials. The time for radical change is now. We are innovating solutions with a focus on the economy, community and environment in equal measure.”


As a locally based team, we reinvest money back into the hands of local people.

We are committed to helping the region grow in a way that’s sustainable, and fostering a strong community spirit. From the netball club to the salvation army to the BMX club, we are ingrained in the community.

“We grew up in this town and we are an integral part of the community. The Pilbara has been the home of our parents and our children. No matter where we go or what we do, it will always be home to us.”

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