Our people are what drives our success.

From a Mum and Dad business with a blue Mack truck and an old loader, to over 200 team members and 200 pieces of plant and equipment, doing great work across the Pilbara. We celebrate all of our people – from our truck drivers to project managers to administrators to spray seal operators.

Today, we are owned and operated by the four Corps brothers, who are committed to redefining the civil construction industry across Australia’s North West.

Kristian Corps
Managing Director

The oldest of the brothers, Kristian heads up the road surfacing division and likes to keep his finger on the operational pulse.  Personality wise, he is the realist, the peace keeper and the Dad joke specialist. Kristian studied a bachelor of engineering, so naturally, he has a deep-seated love for finding solutions to complex problems to help keep the company agile.  He really enjoys the working relationships he has with the Corps crew, acknowledging that they consistently go above and beyond, and recognises that Corps would not be where they are today without them.

Kristian loves the opportunities a Pilbara lifestyle presents, and when he isn’t fishing or trying to cook up a storm, you’ll find him coaching his kid’s local Karratha basketball and soccer teams.

Vaughan Corps
Chief Executive Officer

The chief vision officer, Vaughan’s main role is to look to the horizon and plan for the future. He is consistently working toward new and innovative ways to build the world better and enjoys being the prime decision-maker.

Vaughan is the driver of the crew. When the boom went bust, he just kept going – orchestrating the recovery to keep his crew in jobs and project wheels turning.

Vaughan recently relocated to Perth with his family to operate the Corps city based hub. While he is no longer a Karratha based BMX bandit, he does ensure that we actively support Karratha BMX at every opportunity.

Beau Corps
Managing Director

In Beau’s words, he is the one who gets it done. He is the forward-facing member of the leadership team, with his role primarily involving customer relations, stakeholder liaison and team management. 

Patient, calm and level-headed, Beau enjoys the excitement of building new relationships and partnerships. He is accessible to all crew members, helping to foster a strong team spirit. 

Beau has been the President of the Karratha Falcons for almost five years and when he isn’t at work, you can catch him at business breakfasts, after hours business events, forums or cooking up a BBQ during the Falcon’s fundraising campaigns.

Dayne Corps
Managing Director

Dayne has a client-facing role within the company, with a focus on looking beyond “business as usual” and coming up with new solutions. He is dedicated to research, development and forecasting future trends, so Corps continues to stay at the forefront of the industry. 

Dayne engages ‘full geek mode’ when showcasing our market leading technology and is incredibly proud of the digital efficiency and sustainability initiatives he drives within the business. 

A true go-getter, Dayne enjoys the challenge of disrupting the status quo and finding new (and better) ways of doing things for their customers. 

Dayne has been a coach of the Karratha Falcons women’s team for years and when he isn’t at training, you can find him grabbing his early morning coffee at Empire 6714.

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