Corps (Karratha Earthmoving) were engaged by the City of Karratha for the redevelopment of Mooligunn Road within the Karratha Light Industrial Area.

The project covered an area of 27,000m2 with 1,085lm of road reconstruction on both day and night shift. The extent of the road reconstruction involved the removal of the existing seal, base course and part of the subgrade. Once removed, the subgrade was replaced with the existing roadbase ready for a new base course layer.

Karratha Earthmoving utilised a recycled concrete roadbase produced by Karratha Earthmoving as the base course to the road. The super elevation of the road was also lifted to enable the use of the roadway during and after heavy rain events.

Along the alignment of the road there were a number of culverts that were replaced to divert water away from the industrial estate and drain shaping works to supplement the dispersion of the stormwater. The culverts varied between concrete box culverts and concrete pipes. All headwalls were precast off site to ensure quality and accuracy was maintained.

This also had a profound effect on the typical duration of the culvert construction, greatly reducing the time spent constructing the culverts and the overall construction of the road. The additional works to the road redevelopment included the realignment and addition of street lighting, kerbing, linemarking, crash barrier installation and water mains diversion. Mooligunn Road is not only one of our sustainable EnviRoad projects, but is also a Main Roads approved RAV10 road.

City of Karratha
Karratha Light Industrial Area
Feb 2019 - May 2019

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